AuSable Dance Center's Assistant Program

Any strong studio is only as strong as their leadership team, which includes a solid assistant program. Students who are interested in becoming an ADC Assistant must turn in an application (which can be found at the dance studio), and return it with their availability, a copy of their most recent transcript or report card, and a letter of recommendation from a family member, neighbor, teacher, or other adult presence in their life. 

Questions about the program, the application process can be directed to ADC's Studio Director, Miss Jill, at 

ADC Assistant Program Policies:

  • Assistants will be assigned as necessary and available to classes that are in need of an assistant.

  • Assistants will be expected to be on time for classes they are assisting with, to commit to being fully present while in class, and to work hard while assisting.

  • Assistants are expected to interact extensively with young dancers; therefore they must be a positive and encouraging presence, and must be willing to assist the instructor with whatever needs they deem important.

  • In exchange for their presence and commitment, assistants will be eligible for the following:

    • 5% tuition credit or discount for first class they assist; additional 1% for every class after. Assistant credits or discounts are only applicable to technique class fees. They are not eligible to costumes, Company fees, or costs to attend competition or conventions.

    • Assistant program hours can be counted as community service.

    • Students in the assistant program will receive special recognition at performances and studio events.

  • If student needs to miss any scheduled assistant time, it is asked that the parent of that student communicate that need to the studio directly, either through email, telephone, or in person. Notes may also be left in the assigned instructors mailbox, which can be given to the office.

  • Depending on the class, assistants may be expected to perform the class’s recital piece on stage. They will not require special costuming for this, but may be asked to wear a specific outfit or apparel as deemed by the instructor they are assigned to.

  • Any serious misconduct reported to the ADC office or witnessed by ADC staff will be grounds for termination from the Assistant Program. Less serious infractions will be dealt with case-by-case, requiring a meeting between ADC’s Studio Director, the assistant’s assigned Instructor, and the assistant’s parents or guardians. Other involved parties may also be asked to meet.

  • Any questions or concerns about class issues or needs should be directed to the assistant’s assigned instructor. Program feedback, account questions, or process questions/concerns should be directed the ADC’s Studio Director.

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AuSable Dance Center is committed to providing a professional and safe environment where dancers gain 

self-confidence, respect and develop their talent at both the competitive and recreational levels.  

Our goal is to leave students feeling inspired.


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